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Revamping Brand Impact:

Elevating the Chips Factory Experience

Setting genuine flavors for authentic culinary experiences.

ChipsFactory, in collaboration with BillmyKart, brings the authentic taste of South Indian chips straight to your doorstep through Billmykart's seamless e-commerce platform. Billmykart has partnered to launch a premium website and app that offers a new perspective to customers throughout India. Experience the authentic flavours of South India at your fingertips with the convenience of modern technology. ChipsFactory offers an unparalleled experience in authentic and delightful South Indian cuisine. Committed to quality and the heritage of traditional recipes passed down through generations, South Indian Chips creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where every meal is a delightful journey into the flavors of the South.

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Overcoming Obstacles on the Branding Journey

It was challenging to give the brand a modern look while capturing its essence as a South Indian. Every possibility was explored to achieve the perfect aesthetic for the logo, banner, etc. One of the biggest challenges encountered during the branding process was the short lead time. The short timeframe was intimidating because significant improvisation was needed to arrive at the final design.


Evoking Nostalgia with Satisfying Chips

South Indian chips hold a special place in the hearts and taste buds of Indians, particularly those from the North. They are considered a comfort food that not only nourishes the body but also the soul. ChipsFactory, a renowned Indian snack brand, aimed to capture this sentiment in its logo. Billmykart, the design team behind the logo, wanted to evoke the nostalgic feeling of relishing delicious food and recreating those wonderful memories through their brand identity.

Features That Nailed Shopping

We have made online shopping a breeze for our customers by introducing quick buy options, clickable buttons, and simple page navigation. This means that you can effortlessly find the right product by using filters for categories, prices, and QR codes. Moreover, you can check if we deliver to your area and view all the essential details before making a purchase. These features have made our store more enjoyable and exciting to use.


Get fast and reliable product delivery with a trustworthy partner.

Since partnering with Billmykart's e-commerce platform, Chips Factory has experienced remarkable benefits that have propelled its success to new heights. With secure payment gateways ensuring customer peace of mind, shoppers can confidently indulge in their favorite snacks without worry. The integration of unlimited categories allows Chips Factory to showcase its diverse range of products.

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Custom Storefronts for a Fresh Perspective

The brand has a strong foothold in the North Indian market, but to stay ahead in the online marketplace, it needed to revamp its website. The main focus was on creating unique storefront layouts and improving brand visibility. In addition to redesigning the website, the client also prioritized updating related services such as content writing, SEO, digital marketing, and performance marketing to bring a fresh perspective across all aspects of their online presence.h

Unparalleled offers with coupon code functionality

Integrating coupon code functionality can add an extra level of excitement for customers, offering them tempting discounts and exclusive deals. Moreover, placing strategically designed eye-catching banners throughout the platform enhances the shopping experience, attracting attention and helping users explore new and exciting snack options.With the innovative features of Billmykart and the irresistible offerings of Chips Factory, the partnership continues to flourish, delighting customers and achieving even greater success in the South Indian snacking market.


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Authentic Snacks With a Modern Bite

After launching their e-commerce platform, Chips Factory experienced a surge in daily orders and amassed over 1000+ downloads within a short period in the North. This rapid uptake catapulted them into the limelight, reaching a wide-ranging audience across South India. With their delectable array of Flavour snacks now accessible at the touch of a button, Chips Factory has become a beloved choice for snack enthusiasts, solidifying their position as a prominent player in the South Indian snack market.


Enriching Customer Journeys

Through our dedication to sales and user experience, Chips Factory has undergone a remarkable transformation. Our revamped website not only enhances sales but also encourages deeper customer engagement. Furthermore, with scalable features like the store locator, we expand our reach, seamlessly connecting online and offline shopping experiences.